Saturday, 30 October 2010

Guy de Chauliac's Advice To Physician Surgeons (Chirurgia Magna, 1363)

"The surgeon should be learned, skilled, ingenious, and of good morals. Be bold in things that are sure, cautious in dangers; avoid evil cures and practices; be gracious to the sick, obliging to his colleagues, wise in his predictions. Be chaste, sober, pitiful, and merciful; not covetous nor extortionate of money; but let the recompense be moderate, according to the work, the means of the sick, the character of the issue or event, and its dignity."

Galenic Medicine - Galen's View Of His Contribution To Medicine

"I have done as much for medicine as Trajan did for the Roman Empire when he built bridges and roads through Italy. It is I, and I alone, who have revealed the true path of medicine. It must be admitted that Hippocrates already staked out this path ... he prepared the way, but I have made it passable."
~ Galen

Roy Porter (1997). The Greatest Benefit To Mankind. A Medical History Of Humanity From Antiquity To The Present. Fontana Press. London